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1080p Full-HD Quality

Loop Recording

Easy Click to Save Function

170° Wide Angle

3MP Camera

Gravity Sensor

Collision Sensor

Black Box Car Dashcam Benefits:

An installed black box in your car can help you prove your side of an insurance or collision claim. Here are potential situations where you will save thousands of dollars, simply because you have the F2 Dashcam installed. 
You are involved in an Accident – If your dash camera is installed, you will have have actual footage showing what happened. This will settle any dispute between you and another driver regarding fault. You should share the video with your car insurance company to show what occurred. This will take away any guesswork of a claims investigator. This also implies a much faster resolution of you claim. 
Parking accidents – The camera will turn on if the sensor detects any motion in or around the car. This means if someone hits your vehicle while it’s unattended, the dash camera may be able to identify the person responsible. You can then share the footage with the police and see the person responsible can be tracked. 


Insurance fraud – An actual accident is fairly straightforward, but staged or fraudulent accidents or even pedestrians purposely running into your car are entirely different. Staged accidents, fake witnesses and self-sabotaging pedestrians are most popular types of insurance fraud. While nearly impossible prove on your own, thanks to the fake witnesses, having a car dashcam footage can literally save you from criminal charges. 


The dashcam recording should be shared with law enforcement, who further examine what caused the accident. Dashcam footage holds direct proof to get you out of a horrible situation. Without such dashcam evidence, insurance claims are be paid out to the frauds, and your car insurance rates skyrocket, nevermind a possibility of criminal charges.
Our dashcams provide safety and peace of mind while you are on the roads and at home. We provide free shipping within Canada, a 14-day hassle free return, an additional 1 year warranty against any defects. 
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